My God,  I can’t express how much I hate shearing!
I managed to catch 3 in my pen but thankfully 2 of them were the worst 2 to shear. The brown North Ronaldsays are a nightmare! The fleece just felts on the skin and there’s no lift at all, no matter how long you wait! 

The brown sheep are probably the oldest of the 5,500 year old breed. It does its job and keeps the elements off the sheep’s skin but damn it’s hard going to get it off!

Can we not genetically modify sheep so they’re born with a zip on their fleece? We, or even they could take their fleece off like a jacket! That’s forward thinking!
I’ve got 4 ewes left to shear but 3 of them are grey (easy) and 1 ewe has already shed half her fleece. Why couldn’t the rest of my girls do that?? 😠
I’m not sharing a pic because those brown sheep… Nothing I’m proud of but I think I did better than last year!
I also managed to tag 4 of my youngans but there’s still not much there to castrate on my boys so they get a reprieve for a while yet!


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